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Foret Bleue is a post production company specialised in digital visual effects, working for the advertising market, corporate and film industry. Foret Bleue has developed a unique pipeline to create large scale product movies for the luxury industry (or any other). Their process allows to generate dozens of high definition, hyper-realistic animated catalogues for any kind of products (watches, jewels, leathers…), and without the necessity of having the physical products. Moreover, thanks to its Research & Development department, Foret Bleu has its our own rendering software «Baramine©» that is, on average 10 times faster than any other rendering software on the market, including Renderman, Vray or Maxwell. Foret Bleue offers an «on-demand» service that allows anyone to get remotly a SD/HD/2K high-speed elements footage «ready for post-production quality». Foret Bleue has developed a unique expertise in making visuals for cosmetics, by 10 years of film creation in this branch; it has acquired the scientific basics and the creative response for a growing demand from the clients.

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