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Pegase Prod is a horse stunt studio. They possess more than fifty perfectly trained cavalry horses, harnesses adapted to different eras: from 1500 B.C. to our days; as well as all the necessary equipment for various stunts. Pegasse Prod staff includes: horse trainers, horse stunts men, physical stunts men, special effects adjusters, stunt professionals, fencing stunts men. Pegasse Prod participated in the productions of the following feature films and TV movies: ▪ Grace of Monaco, Olivier Dahan ▪ Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola ▪ Sa Majesté Minor, Jean Jaques Annaud ▪ Les Fragments d’Antonin, Gabriel Le Bomin ▪ Petit Meurtre en Famille, Edwin Baily ▪ Figaro, Jaques Weber ▪ Il Etait Une Fois, Héléne Guétaryl ▪ L’Assasinat d’Henri IV, Jaques Malaterre ▪ Liberté, Tony Gatlif ▪ La Maison des Rocheville, Jaques Otmezguine ▪ Louis XI, Henri Helman • Les Profs, Pierre François Martin Laval • Géronimo, Tony Gatlif • and many others They have also trained the following stars: Nicole Kidman, Isabelle Adjani, Stéphano Cassetti, Vincent Cassel, José Garcia, Sergi Lopez, Gerard Depardieu, Bruno Gans, Mads Mikelsen, Jamie Dorman, Grégori Dérangére, Elsa Zilberstein, Bruno Todeschini and many others.

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